Taking Advice from a Three-Day Tax Summit

Have you attended a meeting, seminar, conference, or any business/networking event lately? I recently attended a three-day tax summit. Days were long and at times there were speakers that not only had my mind wander but it went on a 3-mile hike! Despite my wandering mind, I did glean some wonderful ideas, sites to help with tasks, and books that would help any businessperson, especially during this time of ghost hires or the quiet quitting.

Here is what I am doing today to remove the unwanted stress of trying to do it all until people want to begin working again. Not to be boastful, but I will — I think I have a nice work atmosphere even when crunch gets to me, I take most of the stress not my employees, but I digress.

Here are some suggestions from the tax summit I wanted to share and will start implementing myself:

Jill’s Office

This is a virtual US-based administration service for US employees. Answering your phone, calling clients for reminders of appointments, and much more that I may use later. This can support individuals in many different industries.


I have fought the suggestion to use an online scheduling tool for the longest time as I felt I knew how much time a client would need, and I could schedule accordingly. When I went to sign up it seems I have had their free account since 2018. Well, I am now working through the process so that I can release some of the bookings to automation. The great thing is if I find a conflict, I can have Jill’s Office call and reschedule for me.

Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork by Dan Sullivan with Dr. Benjamin Hardy

I am such a “never mind I’d rather do it myself” person that I get caught up in the minutia of everyday business tasks that could be better handled by someone else. That’s the “who” we need to look for. Not the “how am I ever going to get all of this done!” I tell my clients that I am their coach and expert in matters of tax law and business, yet I don’t follow my own advice and get someone who can be the doer. So, I am learning how to let go. This is not the same as delegation but very close.

I probably have more in my notes and may share at a later time but I thought these gems may be useful to some. If you found this helpful, visit the blog to read more.

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