Taking Advice from a Three-Day Tax Summit

man in suit back to camera and facing room of people at a conference or tax summit Century Accounting and Tax Services

Have you attended a seminar, conference, or meeting recently? Here are some tips and tricks I picked up attending a recent three-day tax summit that you may find helpful.

Your Guide to the Electric Vehicle Tax Credit

a charging electric vehicle on the side of the road

Electric vehicles — let’s talk about them! It seems like many of my clients want to jump on the electric vehicle bandwagon now more than ever as they “heard” that they can get money back if they buy EVs. Well, yes and no. Technically you can say you are getting money back on your tax […]

Six Types of Bankruptcy To Know About

close of sheet the reads petition for bankruptcy and a pen and calculator Century Accounting and Tax Services Wilmington North Carolina

Regal Cinema and parent company Cineworld are considering Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As this topic is fresh and recent in the news, today we’re briefly going over the different types of bankruptcy.

How to Retire as a Business Owner

desk with glasses, mug, calculator, pen, a jar of cash, and paper that says retirement plan. How to Retire as a Business Owner Century Accounting and Tax Services

Having a business and “retiring” is not as easy as just announcing to HR or your boss that you’re leaving. Follow our checklist to help you retire as a business owner.