Everything You Need to Know About Reverse Mortgages

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Thinking about getting a reverse mortgage? Also known as a HECM, these can be helpful for seniors looking for financial assistance. Keep reading for everything you need to know about qualifying and applying for one.

New Portal for Secure Messages

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If you think that waiting on hold with the IRS for hours is a huge waste of time, you’re not alone! Fortunately, the IRS has installed a system to assist taxpayers and their representatives with sending secure correspondence and documents to the IRS.

Finding a Tax Specialist That Will Meet Your Needs

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As an Enrolled Agent, taxes just so happen to be my specialty. Having someone in your corner to walk you through the process is not only a sigh of relief for you but will ensure that you walk away with solutions instead of more questions.

What A Tax Professional Will Tell You That Online Programs Don’t: Part 2

Personal Tax Accountant Wilmington NC

So now you have work you have to ask yourself, am I self-employed or am I an employee and not getting taxes taken out or benefits? You are considered self-employed if you can take or leave a job, have other clients, and are independent of the “employer” in when and how you get the work completed.

How to Pay Your Taxes Owed Post Tax-Filing for 2021

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The dreaded tax filing day for individuals has passed on Monday, April 18th (extended due to DC Holiday). If you were afraid to file and did not because you knew you were going to owe you should have filed as there are larger penalties for not filing!

Interest Charged on Balances Due Even with an Extension

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The Internal Revenue Service and each state with tax-filing requirements give a 6-month extension to file an individual tax return. Filing an extension does not mean you have an extension to pay. This year, the filing deadline has been pushed back to April 18th because of the observation of Emancipation Day.